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The Hip Hop Metaverse is a play-to-earn virtual world where you can play music and games. Creators are turned into collectible NFTs that collectors can trade for cryptocurrency. Each trade is shared with the creator, other collectors and the community.

AuraRight Eo

Starting Price

0.1 ETH

or $150 USD

Limited Edition


Status: Unreleased

Hip Hop Trading Card NFT Packs

Get a random assortment of 4 Hip Hop NFTs with one click. Start building a collection of first-ever playable NFT cards of Hip Hop artists.

The pack will include some of the first minted NFTs that can be listed for resale on Opensea or played within The Hip Hop Metaverse. Price: 0.3 ETH

Create a team of your Top 5 Artists and play with your music!

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